Cane Hill

Cane Hill Detail New Album “Too Far Gone”, Debut “Lord Of Flies” Video (Updated)


Cane Hill will release their new album “Too Far Gone” through Rise Records on January 19th. The group have debuted a new track from it, “Lord Of Flies“, below. Vocalist Elijah Witt commented of this newly debuted song:

“‘Lord Of Flies‘ is just about trusting the wrong person because you want to believe they’re something they’re not โ€” whether the person convinced you or you were just too dumb to see it. It’s a mistake I’ve made over and over again, though I learned quickly, I can’t trust many.”

The album will run as follows:

Cane Hill - Too Far Gone

01 – “Too Far Gone
02 – “Lord Of Flies
03 – “Singing In The Swamp
04 – “Erased
05 – “Why?
06 – “It Follows
07 – “Scumbag
08 – “Hateful
09 – “10ยข
10 – “The End.

Pre-orders for the album are available now through Amazon and iTunes.