AC/DC's Malcolm Young

Streams And Downloads Of AC/DC Material Surge Following The Death Of Malcolm Young

0 report that sales and streams of AC/DC‘s music surged following the passing of the band’s ex-guitarist Malcolm Young on November 18th. The band’s 1990 track “Thunderstruck” showed the most gains with 6,000 downloads (up 73%) and 4.1 million streams (an increase of 33%) in the United States.

That 4.1 million streams only represents an increase of 33% for a hit single from 1990 is certainly a testament to the band’s enduring appeal. According to the report, other tracks that saw a surge included:

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  • Back In Black” (3,000 downloads sold; 3.1 million U.S. streams)
  • You Shook Me All Night Long” (3,000 sold; 2.5 million streams)
  • Highway to Hell” (3,000 sold; 2.5 million streams)
  • T.N.T.” (2,000 sold; 1.6 million streams)
  • Hells Bells” (2,000 sold; 1.5 million streams)

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