System Of A Down's Daron Malakian

System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian Says Charles Manson Was A “Genius”


System Of A Down/Scars On Broadway guitarist Daron Malakian posted the following thoughts on the passing of Charles Manson yesterday, November 19th.

“Very sad to hear the news about Charles Manson’s death. During the time I was writing the Toxicity album, Manson’s interviews and music were a big influence on me as an artist. I titled the song #ATWA after Manson’s environmental organization.

My interest was in the way he articulated his thoughts and his views on society, not in the murders. The painting in this photo is one I asked my dad to paint with the Charles Manson theme, which I later used as the art for the #ScarsOnBroadway song ‘Fucking’ that was released through limited vinyl. #charlesmanson #mansonfamily”

Of course going to bat in a sense for someone who was most infamously known for orchestrating the murder of various individuals didn’t sit well with some people, leading to Malakian replying in the comments of the post:

“Like I said, not interested in the murders. So fuck you assholes who no nothing about Manson. When somebody inspires me as an artist I will show them my appreciation.”

“If all you know about Charles Manson is what the media has sold you, I don’t blame you for your negative comments to my post. But the other side of Manson was that he was a song writer who’s song “Look at your Game” was covered by like Guns and Roses. And Manson also had very valid view points on society and the environment that even some of you people who are calling me disgusting couldn’t argue with if you took the time to look into his interviews.

I would say you would be the disgusting ones if you did disagree with some of his thoughts on these topics. If Manson was just an idiot who killed people he would not inspire me in any way. I don’t back murders or murderers in any way shape or form!!!!!!Manson was a Genius who could articulate his thoughts in very clever ways.

That was the Manson who had an affect on me as an artist. For all of you who say that your happy he’s dead, and he should burn in your imaginary Hell, Your the ones who should be ashamed of yourselves. You seam to be just as bad with your thoughts as the murderers you say that you hate so much!!”