Wes Borland

Wes Borland Says Modern Metal Is “Boring”, Laments Limp Bizkit’s Inactivity


Limp Bizkit, etc. guitarist Wes Borland recently spoke to Metal Hammer regarding the recent release from his Big Dumb Face project, “Where Is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…“. During the conversation, the topic also shifted to whether or not he keeps up with modern metal. To that he responded:

“No, I’m not interested at all. I like Gorgoroth and black metal, and I don’t think anyone has taken it in a place that I want to see it go beyond where Death and Carcass had it in the 90s. It’s just boring to me. Every time I hear a new metal band, I’m just like, ‘No, thanks.’ I try to do the opposite of whatever is going on in metal, because metal takes itself so fucking seriously and that’s just so dumb. Unless you’re Gaahl, don’t try. Or Watain – I like Watain a lot!”

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When asked if not being serious was a secret to Limp Bizkit‘s enduring success of sorts, he offered:

“I don’t think the band’s popular now, ha ha! Is it? We haven’t been active enough for my tastes. I really wish we were doing more and I think we will be next year. There might be some stuff going on. I think the reason that we can still go out and play shows is the devaluing of music and that the whole entire music industry is in such misery and oversaturated. Everybody’s got a band now but nobody’s making any money off of it.”

When asked what Limp Bizkit have in store for the next year, Borland replied:

“I have no idea. I’m not the boss of Limp Bizkit, Fred [Durst] is. But I think he’s working right now. Will he be done by next year? Who knows? I don’t know! I’ve been wanting to work on it, I’m ready to work on it anytime, but it depends on what his plan is. There’s no problem with that and we’re great friends, but I can only control what I control.”

It would seem that Borland was referring to the band’s oft-delayed new album “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants“, which Fred Durst is seemingly unable to finish. Limp Bizkit will be on the road next year in some fashion however, having already confirmed stops at a number of overseas festivals.

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