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Wes Borland Reveals Why New Limp Bizkit Album Isn’t Out Yet, Says Black Light Burns Is Done


Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland appears on the latest episode of Daniel P Carter‘s ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me‘ podcast. You can find that over at and iTunes. The next Limp Bizkit album “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants” was discussed during the conversation with frontman Fred Durst‘s earlier plan for the album being revealed to have been in the spirit of the Beastie Boys‘ eclectic 1989 “Paul’s Boutique“. It would find Limp Bizkit abandoning typical song structures and the like in order to pursue their own muse. Borland offered:

“That was the idea then. I’m not sure what his [Durst‘s] idea is now, exactly. I know we’ve worked on a lot different, we’ve had a lot of different sessions for this record. And people, our diehard fans, really want it to come out. But the truth is that Fred‘s just not happy with what he’s working on—he’s not happy with it. So I know he’s been working on vocals for it on and off.”

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Speaking of the material already recorded for it:

“Some of that might be part of the record, that might still be what the record is. I don’t know if more is going to be written or not. But in the same way, I’m much more the person where I’ve just been like ‘let’s do whatever and just put it out.’ I’m all about capturing whatever is happening with me now. That’s probably why I’ve looked back and not liked a lot stuff that I’ve done. It’s because I’m looking back, like an old haircut that I had or something.

It’s like the equivalent of going like ‘oh, what was I thinking?’ but I’m much more of a ‘let’s do it and get it out,’ where he’ll just keep working on something till he’s happy with it, even if it takes years. And at this point it has taken years for him to get happy with it. I’m just not sure he’s… Like in the same way where it’s like ‘well, nobody gives a fuck, let’s just put it out.’ I think his mindset is like ‘nobody gives a fuck so I better like it if I’m going to put it out for me.’ So I think that we don’t see eye to eye in that way. But I understand, I definitely understand how he feels about it.”

He continued:

“At some point you have to stop, it’s different for everyone. So who knows how much longer it’ll be on that record, maybe forever. [laughs]”

He also spoke of his recent controversial statements on divisive U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump:

“I recently asked that Trump supporters unfollow me on social media. I got a huge backlash from that. I mean people were really… Even people who weren’t Trump supporters thought that was a really shitty thing of me to do and I don’t feel that way. I’m not in the least bit regretful about saying that because I think it’s one thing to have a difference of opinion on music or film or something or an idea is not as dangerous…

I think Trump is so dangerous and the U.S. and the UK in many ways, for some reason all of a sudden all the racists came out and all these people who were secretly racist and secretly bigots went… ‘There are public figures now who are openly saying things that reflect how I feel. So I’ve got a free pass to let it loose’ and these people need to know that that’s not OK and that I don’t care who you are, if you’ve been a supporter of me or not, I’m absolutely…

The only thing I can do to make a statement—and I’m not a politician. I vote. I’m a citizen and I’m going to use any platform I have to fiercely state how I feel. And I will always do that and in this case I feel like it’s a dangerous enough time to where that needs to be done.”

Borland also has plans for another TV show, following the success of ‘Sight Unseen‘—his home renovation show with his fiancé Carre Callaway. He said of that:

“It was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, rated show that the DIY Network has ever had. So they want us to do another one. So, yeah, they’re beating down our door now to do another one.”

“So what it would be… The idea is to get a house and do the work on it and donate it to charity in Detroit. So that would be season 2.”

Regarding his solo material plans:

“That’s what I want to do now. So I’m doing a sequel record [to “Crystal Machete“]… The Black Light Burns thing has run it’s course. I don’t really find it… I find touring to be kind of, I don’t know. As far as Black Light Burns, I don’t find making those albums and touring is bringing a lot of enjoyment to me anymore.

Because I don’t… Putting a band together—and like I’m already doing that in Queen Kwong—working on putting bands together and stuff like that and Carre‘s really driven to do that and I’m not really writing songs that are like heavy songs, it’s not really what I get excited about anymore. I wanna write music that I would want to listen to, I think.”

“I’ve always written with a project in mind, I think. Like I really knew that all the stuff that I was writing, it was going to be for this. For Black Light Burns I knew that I was going to be writing for Black Light Burns. I don’t know, even that developed [into something] I didn’t really like anymore. I never like stuff after I’ve… “Crystal Machete” is the first thing that I still like six months after [putting it out.]”

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