Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich Reveals Metallica Song He’s Most Proud Of, Would Love To Tour With Rage Against The Machine


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich took part in the ‘Music Ruined My Life’ segment on the latest episode of the BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Rock Show With Daniel P Carter‘. The segment charts the musical upbringing of guest artists with Ulrich revealing a number of key musical works in his life, including the first album he bought (Deep Purple‘s “Fireball“,) the song he would most like to cover (Nancy Sinatra‘s version of “Bang Bang“) and more.

When asked about what band he would most like to tour with, he replied Rage Against The Machine, saying of them:

Rage Against The Machine, to me is… Not only are they one of my favorite all-time bands, not only have they made, probably, their first three records I think as a 1-2-3 of a catalog; I mean that’s about as high of a batting average—as they say in America—you can have for the first three records.

Rage Against The Machine, they’re just so timeless and most of it’s even more relevant now than it was 20 years ago.

When you tour, you want to be around bands that inspire you. You want to feel up and inspired and ready to go out there. So touring with someone that turns you on is a good thing, and Rage Against The Machine turns me on.

So playing shows with them would be the coolest. We played some shows with them on ‘Lollapalooza‘ in ’96—somewhere around there—they did about half of ‘Lollapalooza‘ with us, so we have played shows with them.

Let’s put it this way. If they ever reform one of the first people they hear from will be me going ‘hey I’m the drummer in so and so, maybe can we play some shows together?’ So, we’ll see.”

When asked about which of his own songs he’s currently most proud of, he chose “Hardwired” off the band’s latest effort, “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct“:

“‘Hardwired‘ is the last song that we wrote. It’s the last song that we wrote for the new album and it’s the last song Metallica has written. It’s also the shortest song that we’ve written… As short as anything we’ve done in decades.

It’s very promising, because I think one of the things we struggle with the most is writing shorter, or keeping things short and editing ourselves.

I said to James very, very far into the record ‘I don’t think we have an opening song.’ So it’s like, lets write a super short, fast, simple song. And then we wrote a super fast short simple song. We’ve said let’s write a super fast short simple song for 20 years and they end up being 9 minutes long and all over the place.

But we actually did it and kept it short and simple. And it works well live and it works well on the record and I think it’s hopefully indicative of where we may go now that we’ve actually proven to ourselves that we can do it. We’ve sort of set that bar for ourselves.”