Tool's Adam Jones

Tool Have Recorded A New Version Of Their Song “Opiate”


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has made mention on his Instagram of a revised version of the title track to their 1992 EP “Opiate” which has been recorded, complete with an as-yet unreleased video. It is not clear when/if this revised version of the track, which the band have performed live, will surface however.

Perhaps it could show up on the rumored vinyl back catalog release? Regardless, you can watch a clip of Jones working on that version of the song below, alongside which he offered:

“~ We recorded a new version of Opiate not too long ago. We wrote a different break down that’s about five minutes longer in the middle of the song. I believe there are recent live versions of it online. @dominic_hailstone_ did an (unreleased) Ultimate Video for it. Anyway here’s a clip of me messing with sounds for the distant Synth Melody. *Enjoy ❤️ #Tool #opiate ~”