Failure's Ken Andrews

Ken Andrews Talks Progress With New Failure Album


Failure frontman/guitarist Ken Andrews appeared recently on ‘2 Hours With Matt Pinfield‘ and spoke about the band’s forthcoming new album, among other topics. Regarding their next opus, they are four songs in thus far, with Andrews stating:

“It’s coming along really cool. It’s very organic. We’re kind of doing it the way we did on “The Heart Is A Monster“. Right now we’re just kind of roughing things out in my studio. And then we go into a nicer, drum studio studio and get Kelli on there…”

The conversation also found him mentioning that the album may be released in stages. He further stated a documentary is also in the works about the band.

Earlier in the chat, Andrews revealed that Maynard James Keenan of Tool/A Perfect Circle fame had reconnected with him via all things, LinkedIn a few years back to play Keenan‘s then 50th birthday party event.