Korn's Brian "Head" Welch

Brian “Head” Welch On Next Korn Album, “Follow The Leader” Anniversary & Deftones ‘Feud’


Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch was a recent guest on ‘Good Company‘, which you can watch below.  The discussion saw Welch share his thoughts through each of the Korn albums he was involved in, providing insight and anecdotes. As part of his appearance he was asked if the band have any plans to play their 1998 album “Follow The Leader” in full, given that it will turn 20 on August 18th, 2018. He commented of that:

“It’s gonna be the 20th anniversary of this record next year, ’98 to 2018, yeah, so we’re talking about celebrating this record somehow. But I don’t know.”

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He also spoke of what the band are envisioning for their next studio album and how it will represent a more unified approach:

“The next record we’re talking about doing. You know, I think it’s gonna be a combination of maybe both of these [“The Serenity Of Suffering” & “The Paradigm Shift“.] We’ll try some new stuff though, but we’re definitely going to focus on guitars again.

Me and [guitarist] Munky are like… We put in the most hours with the band. ‘Cause [singer] Jonathan, he said he’s gonna spend more time writing with us this record. ‘Cause he just came in—the last two records that I’ve been back—he came at the last… Like when we were done.

He says: ‘Gimmie the songs when you’re done and I’ll write lyrics.’ He’s gonna come in and be involved with the music. So yeah, I think we’ll have a good record, an even better record this time around because everybody [is] involved.”

Towards the end of the chat he also revealed some details for a forthcoming new album from his other group, Love & Death, that is being recorded with some guest vocalists being lined up. As part of that, he made mention of the friction between Korn and Deftones which was later clarified by Deftones frontman Chino Moreno as being a non-issue now.

When Moreno was suggested by the ‘Good Company‘s host as someone he should get to guest on the new Love & Death album, Welch somewhat jokingly replied:

Chino, Chino don’t like Korn or any of us man. He won’t tour with Korn ’cause we’re not cool enough for him.”

When it was pointed out that they covered Ice Cube‘s “Wicked” back on “Life Is Peachy“, he replied:

“Yeah back in the day, but I think they [Deftones] got too cool for us somewhere down the line. No but, he just said some stuff recently in the press and it got out there that [he wouldn’t tour with Korn] and then all these fans hit him and said [Welch made an angry expression] so the next day he was like ‘I love Korn, I want to tour with them next year.'”

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