School Of Rock Youth Covering The Dillinger Escape Plan

Young Musicians Win Over The Dillinger Escape Plan With “Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants” Cover


Some young musicians from the School Of Rock in Easton, PA won over The Dillinger Escape Plan with their below cover of the band’s track, “Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants“. Dillinger commented of it:

“There’s a lot of covers out there, sometimes a friend or someone we know texts something to us to check out. Always an honor, and definitely always surreal. Today we’ve spent more time than normal talking about this one that came our way. Something about it.

Remembering the feeling of just getting started…on our own before we even knew each other…being thirteen and sweating out Nirvana covers in a hot air condition-less basement with the whole world in front of you and all of the fire and attitude inside of you, and even afterwards early on just having fun with a Billy Idol or Guns N Roses cover(anyone remember those?) now and then. But yeah….for lots of reasons…this is cool to see.

Edit: That jacket and those windmills though A++

Edit 2: Actually can someone please be so kind and track the singer down and have her post in the comments so we can get in touch and bring her onstage at one of the NYC shows?”

The Dillinger Escape Plan will wind down their career later this year with this string of farewell shows in December.