Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me’s Dan Briggs Posts Retrospective On The Making Of “Colors”


Between The Buried And Me bassist Dan Briggs has penned a retrospective of the creation of their 2007 album, “Colors“, which turned ten on September 18th. You can find an excerpt from that below:

“…With the heavy schedule we had during the Alaska touring schedule, I felt like we all had a lot of time to grow. When we wrote Alaska we had basically three factions of people coming together; you had Tommy (24) and Paul (26) who had written the first two BTBAM albums together, Dustie (19) and Blake (20) who wrote all the music for their then band Glass Casket, and myself (20) who had been the main writer in the groups I was in before joining.

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We all met up in the basement of Blake’s parents’ house and wrote the album at full volume in his old bedroom; where we lined the cabs and amps along the walls facing towards an actual drum riser Blake’s dad had built him in the corner of the room. It’s incredible we were able to do anything let alone write an album. I’ve always seen it as completely disjointed probably because of the memories of writing it.

But we were able to expose each other to new sounds and groups we loved at the time, I showed the guys stuff like Oingo Bonigo and Gentle Giant, they showed me Emperor and Ulver. We found similarities and differences, the same as we’d find in our personalities over the next two years of touring on the album.

We all went through relationships starting and ending on the road for the first time, good tours and bad tours, and we learned to gel together. What we would produce next would be a result of this growth and bonding.”

Read on over at Metal Injection. The group are currently out on this tenth anniversary tour for the album, performing it live each night.

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