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Mike Patton Says Faith No More Are On “Extended Break”, Hopes For More Dead Cross Releases


While he’s almost always busy with a multitude of various projects, one that currently isn’t a going concern for Mike Patton is the next album from Faith No More. Speaking recently with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire,) he stated that the band are on an “extended break.” When asked if there was anything he could share on the band’s status, he replied:

“No, I would share but I don’t know anything. So, we’re kind of on a extended break and if something happens, it’ll happen organically and naturally but I kind of don’t think it will. I kind of feel like we’ve tipped the scales a little bit, but we’ll see, who knows? I’ve learned my lesson not to say ‘No.'”

He continued:

“It’s one of those things, kind of like going to a family reunion and get along with your uncle and you’re like, ‘Oh, we’re going to go to the next BBQ. Fine.’ It’s really the way it is for us.”

The group returned in 2015 with “Sol Invictus“—their first album in nearly 20 years. More recently Patton has been out touring on Dead Cross‘ self-titled debut album, which finds him paired alongside his Fantômas Dave Lombardo (Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Slayer) and Retox‘s Justin Pearson and Michael Crain.

Though schedules may play a factor, he does hope for future output down the road. When asked if the band will continue on after their current commitments, he replied:

“I think we should. It’s going so well and it feels really good — we get along real well. I don’t see why we shouldn’t put out a few more records and keep touring. So, we’ll see. I’ve learned to not make too many promises in advance, so, who knows? [laughs]”