Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Launches Podcast, Recalls Putting Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston In A Headlock


Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has launched his own podcast called ‘Transparency‘. The first installment is available here and among other things, finds him mentioning his “infinite quest” as he puts it to finish the band’s oft-delayed new album “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants“.

It’s more a stream of consciousness affair than a structured podcast and finds him musing about people asking him where his red hat is when they meet him on the street, while also sharing stories from his past. One such story that haunts him involved the then couple of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, here’s what he said of that:

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“I went to the premiere of ‘Rock Star‘—I’m friends with Mark Wahlberg and [he] had this movie coming out. So I go to the premiere. And at the premiere, before the movie, I met Jennifer Aniston and somehow ended up telling her I was a fan of her husband—Brad [Pitt], I think it was her husband, boyfriend, something like that… But she says ‘No way, he’s a fan of you and your band, you gotta meet him.’ And I said ‘that would be awesome.’

So she says, ‘After the movie meet us at the House Of Blues at the foundation room, we’re having a private little party.’ I was like ‘dope,’ so after the movie I drove over to the House Of Blues on Sunset, and I was kind of late. And I went up to the foundation room and it was fucking empty. Just the bartender was there and I sat there for a little while, had a couple of drinks and I was like damn man, they really pulled one of me there. I felt like I was getting punked.

Then, this secret door opened and a bouncer or a bodyguard or something said ‘Are you Fred?’ and I was like ‘Yeah’ and he says ‘They’re waiting for you in here’ so I went in this private little hidden room and of course, it was the after party. Very small, really intimate.

There was Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and some other people and I said hello and we were hanging and laughing and having a really cool time. He couldn’t have been cooler and she couldn’t have been cooler, it was very, very special for me.

And next thing you know, somebody’s passing around a joint and I don’t smoke weed, but I’m a little buzzed and I’m like alright, I’ll just go with the flow here and take a little puff. And I guess I took more than a little puff, I guess, because I was out of my fucking mind all of a sudden, like woah.

And all I remember was after that… ‘Feel Like Making Love‘ from Bad Company playing super loud and me having Brad and Jennifer in the headlock. Jennifer on my left, Brad on my right. My arms are around their heads and jumping up and down screaming the song at the top of my lungs.

I’m not sure if they were singing with me or enjoying it but I do remember that was, woah. And I was so embarrassed. A friend of mine produced a movie that… sometime later… I think ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith‘ or something like that. So I go to visit him on set, on set and Brad‘s there. Of course Brad‘s in the movie—I didn’t know who was gonna be in the movie but I went down to see my friend who was producing it.

I asked Brad can I talk to him for a sec and I said ‘Hey I just really wanna apologize’ for this moment back in the day at the House Of Blues. And he was like ‘No way, bro, that was fucking awesome. You were killer, we had so much fun.’ And I was like ‘No I’m really sorry, I wasn’t myself and I’m sorry I acted that way.’

But he couldn’t have been cooler, he made me feel good about it. But even to this day it haunts me and I know he was just probably being nice.”

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