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The Black Dahlia Murder Release Video For New Song “Nightbringers”


The studio version of the title track to The Black Dahlia Murder‘s new album “Nightbringers” is now available to stream below. Official pre-orders for the album have been launched here while the finalized track listing for the album has also been revealed and can be found below as well. Vocalist Trevor Strnad said of the album’s overall theme:

“Death metal and nighttime are synonymous to me. We are the rulers of the darkened hours that the Christian good fears. A lot of archaic ideas that are still upheld – such as marriage and monogamy – came from Christianity, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, and to me, death metal has always been bucking that. It’s ‘being-the-villain music’, because we’re the enemy of Christianity, the enemy of all that is good and traditional.

Death metal is for free thinkers, it’s for showing people the path to inner strength and operating on your own will, instead of being told what to do and living in fear, and songs like the title track and ‘Kings Of The Nightworld‘ are about leading a legion of awakened minds into battle.”

He added:

“I felt I needed to rise to the occasion to make as much of the blood and guts and heinousness as possible, and there was actually a couple of points where I rewrote some songs. I just didn’t feel like they were dark enough, or violent enough, so I was really trying to ramp up the monstrous aspects of things – the grizzlier the better!”

Nightbringers” track listing:

01 – “Widowmaker
02 – “Of God And Serpent, Of Spectre And Snake
03 – “Matriarch
04 – “Nightbrigners
05 – “Jars
06 – “Knights Of The Nightworld
07 – “Catacomb Hecatomb
08 – “As Good As Dead
09 – “The Lonely Deceased

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