Woman Suffers Multiple Skull Fractures And Lost Teeth At Spite Concert, GoFundMe Launched


A fan named Janelle Dunnaway attended a Spite show over the weekend at the Roxy in Denver, CO and received multiple skull fractures as well as four of her teeth knocked out after being struck in the mosh pit. The below security footage of the incident was shared, though it’s a bit hard to make out if the hit was intentional or accidental—it doesn’t appear that the man involved was intentionally targeting her, given his apparent unawareness to her being injured afterwards.

A GoFundMe page for her medical expenses has been launched here, and be warned, it features some pictures of the gnarly injuries sustained. She commented today (July 24th):

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“I had my first round of surgery last night, there will be at least 3 more over the next 6 months. My skull is fractured in multiple places, up into my nose. There were pieces of bone scattered all over the place that I had to have drilled out. I had to have new gum tissue and bone grafted in over the entire area. They hammered the two teeth that are still in there into place and splinted them, but they are dead and will have to be removed later. I’ve never been in more pain in my life. The surgery was the most traumatic experience I’ve ever been through. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I have some temporary fake teeth so thank god I can at least leave my house now. It’s impossible for me to eat with the amount of pain I’m in right now…”

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