Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Etc. Among Top 50 Highest-Paid Musicians Of 2016

0 shared their ‘Top 50 Money Makers Of 2016’ chart late last week and there’s some familiar faces to be found to readers of this site. Guns N’ Roses came in at #2 on the chart behind Beyoncé. According to Billboard‘s estimates, the band generated $42.3 million dollars last year, $771.7k of which was through album sales, $670.8k via streaming, $499.6k through publishing and a staggering $40.4 million through their highly successful ‘reunion’ tour.

Metallica landed at #15 with $11.5 million attributed to album sales, $1.7 million from streaming, $1.5 million from publishing and $3.8 million generated from touring. That puts their total at $18.5 million. With the band owning the rights to their own master recordings, the number put the band at #1 in total royalties earnings revenue however.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra placed #19 with $16.01 million. $532.8k of that was album sales, $153.8k was streaming, $132.8k was publishing and $15.1 million was from touring.

AC/DC landed at #21 with a total of $15.0 million. $3.8 million of that came from album sales with an additional $1.2 million from streaming. publishing generated $758.6k, while touring brought in $9.2 million. Similar in a sense to Metallica, the band also own their masters, meaning they had a much bigger payday than most.

Black Sabbath‘s farewell run saw them land at #29 on the charts with $12.4 million. Album sales chalked up to $633.9k, streaming racked up $220k, publishing got them $288.1k and touring earned them $11.3 million.

Def Leppard hit the charts at #38 with $10.81 million. Album sales amounted to $408.1k, streaming $116.5k, publishing $191.2k and touring at $10.1 million.

Pearl Jam also placed, scoring #43 with $9.3 million. $421.8k of that was from album sales, $184.7k from streaming, $405.8k from publishing at $8.3 million from touring.

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