Limp Bizkit

Ex-Far, Etc. Frontman Jonah Matranga On Limp Bizkit: “I Get So Depressed That They Ever Happened”


Jonah Matranga of Far, Gratitude, etc. fame has shared the below post on Instagram lamenting the existence of Limp Bizkit. Far themselves often toured with band’s of nü metal ilk before originally hanging it up around 2000.

“Sometimes I see a pic of Limp Bizkit (or just see/hear the name) and I get so depressed that they ever happened. The reality of President Trump does make more sense in that light, though. The cap/shirt combo sort of says it all. Nothin personal, Fred. Or maybe it is. I just don’t know sometimes. Okay. Breathe.”

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These days Matranga can be heard alongside J. Robbins of Jawbox fame in Camorra, who just released their debut EP.

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