The Black Dahlia Murder Shirt

The Black Dahlia Murder’s New Shirt Is An Excellent Tribute To 80’s Metal, Horror & Gaming


The Black Dahlia Murder are preparing a new shirt design inspired by the movie poster art for ‘Detroit Rock City‘ that is pretty much an 80’s metal, horror and video game who’s who. Ryan Richardson Pratt illustrated the shirt, which will be available on the band’s upcoming run on ‘The Summer Slaughter Tour‘. That tour will find the band performing their 2007 album “Nocturnal” in full in honor of it turning 10.

A cursory glance at the new shirt design finds caricatures of the band being chased by the likes of Robocop, Freddy Krueger, Michael Meyers, Jason Voorhees, Dracula, The Wolfman, an 80’s James Hetfield(?) and an 80’s Dave Mustaine (?), King Hippo from ‘Punch-Out!!‘, Mega Man, Anthrax‘s Not Man, Iron Maiden‘s Eddie, Megadeth‘s Vic Rattlehead and even what appears to be Metal Blade Records head Brian Slagel. Check it out below to spot a lot more.

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The Black Dahlia Murder Shirt

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