Nothing More

Nothing More Streaming New Tracks “Go To War” & “Don’t Stop”


Nothing More have dropped a full stream of their new single “Go To War” below. Additionally, you can also now hear an additional new track titled “Don’t Stop“. Both songs appear on the band’s new album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves“, due September 15th on Better Noise Records. Frontman Jonny Hawkins said of “Go To War” in particular:

“Trust is the foundation of every relationship. As trust erodes, our need for control grows. ‘Go To War‘ is about how we circle the problem, unknowingly spinning the web tighter. If you circle enough, it becomes a spiral. If you spiral enough, it becomes a war.”

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The track listing for the album can be found below while this tour was recently announced.

01 – “(Ambition; Destruction)
02 – “Do You Really Want It
03 – “(Convict; Divide)
04 – “Let ’em Burn
05 – “Ripping Me Apart
06 – “Don’t Stop
07 – “Funny Little Creatures
08 – “(React; Respond)
09 – “The Great Divorce
10 – “Still In Love
11 – “(Alone; Together)
12 – “Go To War
13 – “Just Say When
14 – “(Accept; Disconnect)
15 – “Who We Are
16 – “Tunnels
17 – “(End; Begin)
18 – “FadeInFadeOut