Tool's Adam Jones

Tool’s Adam Jones On New Album: “It Has To Be Right For Everyone”


Tool guitarist Adam Jones spoke a bit about the band’s new album during a recent interview with The Press-Enterprise. He said of the fan’s continued passion (and frustration) for the album, which will be their first since 2006:

“There are a good variety of fans that are very passionate about the next record we have coming out. They’re always like ‘But it’s been 10 years,’ but we just go by our own rules in what we do and we’d like to do another record, but it has to be right for everyone and the timing has to be right.

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For those fans, any taste of anything that’s obscure and they’re wondering if it’s something for the new record or they’re looking for a sign. It’s nice that they’re passionate about it. That’s a very good thing. It’s rewarding to have your fans wanting more, but we just have to do it in our own time and by our own rules.”

He later continued of the band currently being back out on the road:

“You’re on the road and it’s still work, but it feels like a vacation. We could play to 20,000 or 30,000 people or get in front of 100 people and I’d rock out just as hard. It’s true. It’s just what we do. We’re all still very passionate about what we do, but we’re older, we have families and people have other projects so it’s a little harder to get together and commit and we’ve had some legal battles, and still kind of do, so that does get in the way of being creative.”

He also addressed the piece of their new song, “Descending“, which the band have been performing for the past few years. He said of the abbreviated version they have been playing:

“The best way to explain it is that it’s like when a new movie is coming out. It’s a really anticipated movie, so the first trailer is really obscure and you’re like ‘Wait, what?’ That’s what we’re doing. We took the song that is finished, it’s called ‘Descending,’ and we just took the most obscure bits and put it together to give a little taste of what’s coming.”

Despite the above tidbits of into, there’s still no firm word on the band’s overall progress with the album or when it will arrive however.

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