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Dead Cross (Faith No More, Ex-Slayer, Etc.) Writing New Material


Dead Cross, the fledgling group who unite Mike Patton of Faith No More, etc. fame with Dave Lombardo (Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Slayer) and members of The Locust and Retox, have been working on new material as of late—despite already having a new album done and set for an August release. As Lombardo recently explained to Metal Wani, the burst in creativity is actually in part motivated by the need to have more songs for their North American tour. Lombardo said of that:

“…He [Mike Patton] didn’t know if he wanted to tour with the band, but it turns out that he loves the music so much that he thought it’d be a good idea for us to do some shows. We’re very grateful for that too. We have to embrace it and enjoy it while it’s here, because who knows, maybe in a few months he’s not going to want to tour, or anything else.

It seems like things are on a positive note and we’re going to do some more touring, and at this moment we’re writing more music to add to our set, because the set is only 30 minutes, so we need to add another 10 minutes, so probably another five songs!”

The band’s self-titled debut album will hit stores on August 04th through Ipecac Recordings.