Seeker Say They’ve Been Turned Down For Tours Due To Being On Victory Records


Seeker vocalist/bassist says being signed to Victory Records has cost them consideration for tours in the past. Speaking with Exclaim‘s Aggressive Tendencies, he stated:

“There’s just kind of this roadblock of being on Victory. We’re starting to break through it now that we’re getting to know everybody. We’ve had agents—you know when we get submitted for tours—we make a lot of sense on. [They] come back and they’ll be like ‘no Victory bands’ or ‘not interested, no Victory‘. They won’t even listen to us, they just stop at the label—which sucks, ’cause they’ve [Victory Records] been awesome.

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They’ve pushed us super hard. We’ve gotten a lot more support. We’ve gotten to do a lot of things that bands like us, our size, don’t normally get to do. They’re a great label and the people there are outstanding, super helpful and easy to deal with.”

Victory have certainly had their fair share of difficult relationships with artists over the years, most recently with the frontman of former Victory artists Darkest Hour bashing the label over alleged unpaid royalties. Lawsuits with Streetlight Manifesto and A Day To Remember also took place in recent months.

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