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Darkest Hour Frontman John Henry Calls Victory Records The “Worst Label On Earth”


Darkest Hour frontman John Henry appeared on the latest episode of ‘Lead Singer Syndrome‘, hosted by Shane Told of Silverstein. Amid the chat, Told mentioned they were ex-labelmates on Victory Records, to which Henry responded, calling it the “worst label on earth.” He later continued:

“We were one of the few bands that completed a Victory contract. Five albums, yeah, ten years baby. Still haven’t seen a royalty check.”

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“Hundreds of thousands of units SoundScanned—not one penny. Maybe someday, we’ll get something from them—not that it’s all about the money or anything…”

He later was asked if he still has any contact with Victory founder Tony Brummels, to which he replied:

“He’ll like email Mike [Schleibaum, guitarist] every once in awhile when we have to do some business… I haven’t talked to him in forever. He refuses to talk to our manager too. It’s a whole mess, not the way it should be.”

Victory Records have certainly had a contentious relationship with numerous bands during their existence, most recently releasing Streetlight Manifesto from contract, settling a royalty dispute that saw the label sue the band for $1 million USD back in 2015. That suit cited the band’s alleged failure to deliver a fourth album and damages for copyright infringement.

Prior to that, the court sided with A Day To Remember last year as part of suits filed by both the band and the label against each other over disputed royalties and alleged undelivered albums. The court saw fit to award A Day To Remember $4.02 million USD in that case.

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