‘Awesomecore’ Outfit ChuggaBoom Return With “White Moms Can’t Chugg”


‘Awesomecore’ outfit ChuggaBoom are back after some time away with a new EP titled “Kevin“, which will be released on May 12th. Below you can hear “White Mums Can’t Chugg” from the effort, with the band offering:

“This song is the Chuggalo Anthem. Anyone who has ever listened to heavy music has been told that its just a phase and to listen to “real music”, but we are here to tell them to fuck off and join the Chugg Life. Its a pledge to both our fans and ourselves that we are never going to sell out and that we will always stay true to what we are – The Greatest Metalcore Band on Earth. The Chuggalos believe in what we stand for, so we need to stay true to that and make sure we are standing in solidarity with them. We’re never selling out, no matter what our parents say!”

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You can pre-order “Kevinhere.

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