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Stuck Mojo’s Robby J. Fonts Draws Fire For Controversial Transgender, Planned Parenthood, Etc. Posts


Stuck Mojo frontman Robby J. Fonts has been drawing both criticism and support for sharing some controversially hardline conservative viewpoints via his blog, as of late. Among them: transgenderism merely being a ‘mental illness’, accusations that Canada is heading for Sharia Law and a hardline stance against planned parenthood. Other less political posts find him equating what he perceives as a decline in the quality of hip hop music as such:

“The decline in the quality of hip-hop starts from the environments that these rappers grew up in. Their parents didn’t work or worked minimum wage, they grew up on welfare, they’re surrounded by addicts and they were never taught the value of proper social etiquette.”

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He later added:

“You want to know what’s impressive? Staying with your wife, loving her and raising a family together. That’s inspiring. Threatening to kill someone every other sentence, bragging about how much cash you have (that you actually don’t), how many “hoes” you can get and being proud of how many drugs you consume is straight up shameful.

Rappers used to stand up for what mattered most to them, their families. Hip-hop actually started off with respect for mothers and doing whatever it took to take care of their families. Today’s rappers disrespect women and only think about themselves.

No mainstream rapper in the spotlight today pursues having a family, being a good husband or being a good father as their main priorities in life. None.”

Previously Fonts took to his blog to accuse YouTube of ‘censoring’ the reach of the band’s video for their track “Rape Whistle“.

[via MetalSucks]

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