Every Time I DieJosh Halling

Keith Buckley On Every Time I Die’s Early Material: “We Didn’t Know What We Were Doing Back Then”


If you’ve ever read more than one press release/interview, you’ll know it’s┬ácommon for every band’s latest album to be their own personal favorite. In a recent interview with Exclaim!’sAggressive Tendencies‘ series (see below,) Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley went a step further and tossed a bit of shade at the group’s early catalog, stating:

“It feels really good to get such an overwhelmingly positive response from “Low Teens” considering it’s our eighth one. But I was talking to Bryan [Garris] from Knocked Loose the other day, he was talking about purists like ‘Ahh, I like the demo the best.’ But I think with Every Time I Die our early stuff is just not as good. That’s not a subjective opinion. We didn’t know what we were doing back then, we were trying a lot of things out. And I think we just got more comfortable in our own skin as time went on so this is kind of a full realization.”

In the second half of the interview Buckley also speaks of his various hardcore influences and getting some of his favorite singers on Every Time I Die‘s recent albums. He also discusses the return of various bands (Zao, Poison The Well, etc.) from the era of when Every Time I Die were still cutting their teeth. He commented:

“It’s funny to see all these bands coming back and we’re still here. We’re like the dude that sleeps on the couch while the normal people go to work and they come home and we’re still on the couch. It feels just natural, I guess. We didn’t have a reason to stop playing, so we never stopped playing.”