Between The Buried And Me

Between The Buried And Me To Hit The Studio This Summer


Between The Buried And Me intend to hit the studio in August for their new album. Bassist Dan Briggs told Ultimate Guitar of their plans:

“We just got home a couple weeks ago from our last album cycle on ‘Coma Ecliptic.’ Before that we had been sharing a lot of ideas and we had to put that on hold to go on tour. So we’ve been sharing some ideas again.

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We have studio time booked in August so were just taking our time now to decompress at home and casually write and dig into the ideas we had started before the tour.

I think we’ll probably turn it up in April or May.”

Briggs also mentioned that he plans to spend some time working on a third album from his Trioscapes project later this year too. Briggs recently just issued the debut album from his other project, Nova Collective. Titled “The Further Side“, it is available in stores now.

Meanwhile, Between The Buried And Me will soon be capping off their “Coma Ecliptic” cycle with the April 28th Blu-ray/DVD release of “Coma Ecliptic Live“, which captures a their full-album performance of titular effort that took place at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA. There’s also rumblings of a Colors” 10th anniversary tour this fall.