Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme

Autograph Seeker Files Suit Against Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme Following April 2016 Incident


Back in April of 2016, Queens Of The Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme was seen berating an autograph seeker, allegedly after the man in question, Jason Leckrone, had been rude in his approach to gain an autograph. At the time the video came out, it was said that Homme suspected that Leckrone had been trying to gain the autograph to sell it. It is unclear as to what truly transpired in the portion of video that was posted however.

A near year later Leckrone has now filed suit against Homme, TMZ (for posting a video/report on the incident), Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Museum Of Contemporary Art in Detroit, MI (where the venue took place) and more.

For his part, Leckrone claims that he was originally there for an autograph from Iggy Pop and that when Homme—who was playing with Pop at the time—was asked for an autograph, he verbally assaulted Leckrone and “intentionally and physically grabbed him around the shoulder area.” Leckrone gripes with TMZ stem from their report, with the suit alleging:

“The publication of these remarks has resulted in damage to plaintiff’s reputation in the community and economic loss, including, but not limited to, the following: a. emotional distress b. humiliation, mortification, and embarrassment c. sleeplessness and anxiety.”

As for filing suit against the venue, he feels that they did not provide adequate security for the situation. Leckrone is seeking roughly $150,000 overall as a result of the suit.

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