Asking Alexandria

The Music For Asking Alexandria’s New Album Is Already Written


Though it remains to be seen when returning frontman Danny Worsnop will be able to find time to presumably write and record his parts for it, the music for the new Asking Alexandria album is largely already written. Guitarist Ben Bruce recently told KaaosTV of their progress with the effort:

“We’re holding our cards close to our chest right now. We’re not gonna give too much away. Obviously, that was music that we had written. Whether it makes the album or not, we’ll see. The whole album’s written and is ready to be recorded properly. And then we have some huge touring opportunities in the works that we are working on right now, so it’s gonna be exciting.”

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As for whether or not they wrote the album while on the road:

“We used to write on the road. I mean, a lot of ‘The Black‘ was written on the road, a lot of ‘From Death To Destiny‘ was written on the road. But this album, though, I actually went into a studio.

I spent months in the studio with [producer] Matt Good and wrote the album. I was, like, ‘This has to be better than anything we’ve ever, ever written.’ So I spent months locked away in the studio, all night, all day.

I used to go into the studio at lunchtime and not get home until lunchtime the next day. And my baby would already be awake, and I’d be, like, ‘Damn, I need to go to bed for a bit.’ For months, I was on that brutal schedule. But it’s been worth it.”

Worsnop is currently committed to touring behind his recently released country album, “The Long Road Home“.

[via Blabbermouth]

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