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Bassist Joe Rowland Feels That Pallbearer Aren’t Really A ‘Doom Band’


Pallbearer bassist/vocalist, etc. Joe Rowland doesn’t subscribe to the group being called a ‘doom’ band. Rather he feels that they fall more in line with the genre or progressive rock. Speaking in the below official video released by one of the band’s labels, he addressed the topic:

“A lot of people tend to refer to Pallbearer as a doom metal band and even our social media handles from years ago had the word doom in there; but really I think for the most part we consider ourselves to be a progressive rock band with some elements of doom metal in there.

Especially the early 90’s death/doom style stuff like My Dying Bride and Anathema and Paradise Lost records. We’re also huge Type O Negative fans and i think in general what sort of makes up our sound is the fact that we’re all just really consummate music fans.

I think that we aren’t really that concerned with being afraid of wearing our influences on our sleeves, so to speak. We’re definitely huge fans of bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Alice In Chains. And also a lot of those really expressive, progressive rock bands like Pink Floyd and Camel and Pulsar.

All of those elements come together in Pallbearer and what I feel like ends up being sort of our signature sound.”

The band will release their new album “Heartless” this Friday, March 24th.

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