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All That Remains Cover Garth Brooks, Phil Labonte Says Metal Has Become: “Bullshit, Milky Pandering Crap”


All That Remains shared the details for their new album “Madness” via an official press release today. There’s some interesting points to take home about the effort from it, including word of a cover of Garth Brooks‘ “The Thunder Rolls” closing out the album. That cover is just part of the band’s vision to continually push the envelope, with Labonte offering:

“Our goal has always been to write songs that we like. All That Remains has seen a lot of criticism about the songs that we’ve written and what people think we’re supposed to do. We started as a very underground death metal kind of band, we’ve since moved away from that and have never apologized for it. The music we’ve written has been reflective of that and I think the lyrics, the ideas, have always been reflective of that as well.”

The always outspoken Labonte later said of how he’d like to be viewed:

“I want to be the guy that really challenges people’s ideas. I’m fucking punk rock. Punk rock hasn’t been punk rock for 30 years. For too long metal has been bullshit, milky pandering crap. What happened to metal? What happened to punk rock? What happened to being anti-establishment? I wanna bring that all back.”

Madness” will be released on April 28th and two singles from it can be heard here.

All That Remains - Madness

01 – “Safe House
02 – “Madness
03 – “Nothing I Can Do
04 – “If I’m Honest
05 – “Halo
06 – “Louder
07 – “River City
08 – “Open Grave
09 – “Far From Home
10 – “Trust And Believe
11 – “Back To You
12 – “Never Sorry
13 – “The Thunder Rolls

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