Thieves Break Into Tour Bus Of Malignancy, Etc. At Netherlands Show


Thieves broke into a bus being shared by Malignancy, Carnivore Diprosopus, Nader Sadek, Embryonic Devourment and Stages Of Decomposition during their show at De Flux in Zaandam, Netherlands Friday night, February 17th. Among the items stolen were various personal effects, including drummer Mike Heller‘s (also of Fear Factory) iPad, iPod, medication, contact lenses and more. Also stolen was his MacBook Pro featuring various irreplaceable music files. A Gofundme has since been launched to help get him back on his feet with fans having already raised $4,971 in one day as of press time.

Heller commented:

“I can’t believe that I am actually typing these words into my phone right now… last night was the first show of the Malignancy European tour… we are sharing a bus with four other bands, and during our set at De Flux in Zaandam Netherlands, someone broke into the bus and stole two other people’s laptops, someone’s GoPro, and also, my backpack with my entire life inside of it.

Since this was the first night of the tour, and before we had been in the bus for more than just a few hours, I didn’t even get a chance to separate my stuff like I normally would… so someone ran away with my brand new iPad, my brand new Kindle, my two backup hard drives, all of my medication, my iPod, my contact lenses, two sets of headphones, all of my chargers, and most importantly, my MacBook Pro with all of my Pro Tools files, and all of my video files on it. Someone stole the most important thing in my life, aside from my girlfriend, my dog, and my family.

I have my entire life on that laptop. It is my recording studio… All of the albums I have recorded in the last five years, all of the demos I made, all of the drum videos that I haven’t released yet, and all of the session work I was in the process of sending out to clients. Stuff that I could never ever possibly replace.

The police said that there is very little chance that I will ever recover any of this… but if anyone in Holland has any information whatsoever, I would appreciate it more than I am able to put into words at this time. I broke down in front of the entire tour package last night, and tears are hitting my phone as I am trying type this right now.

I have absolutely no way to replace this stuff, and nowhere even remotely close to enough money to even cover five percent of what was taken from me. I feel unbelievably stupid, I feel completely heartbroken, I feel completely violated, and I feel completely lost….”

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