Darkest HourPete Duvall

Darkest Hour Streaming New Song “Those Who Survived”


Darkest Hour are streaming a new song titled “Those Who Survived” below via Metal Hammer. Guitarist Mike Schleibaum told the aforementioned site of the track:

“Unlike some of the other songs, which were demoed repeatedly and composed in different ways electronically, this song was written old-school style in the jam room. We haven’t leaned on our thrash tendencies in a long time so it felt good to stretch out and do a song like this.

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It’s sort of an homage to the classics that we grew up loving. This song combines our love for Metallica, Slayer, At The Gates, and Carcass all in one. Another interesting aspect of this song is that it does not feature a solo – I sort of love that about it.

Don’t get me wrong, the album is jam-packed with shredding and we are never shy about professing our love for all things guitar solo-related, but I love that this song stands on its own as a straight riffer!”

He also went on to elaborate on the concept of the album, which centers around mother earth reclaiming what’s hers, with the aforementioned site. The song appears on the band’s new album, “Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora“, out March 10th.