Volumes Feud With Ex-Vocalist On Twitter, Allege Drug Problems, Jealousy, Etc.


The bad blood from the 2015 split between Volumes and vocalist Michael Barr spilled over to Twitter once again last night (February 03rd). Band vocalist Gus Farias appears to have set things off with the following tweets directed at Barr:

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Following that, Barr & Gus got into the below discussion:

Volumes Twitter War

Which also led to the following exchange:

Volumes Twitter War

When Gus‘ alleged heroin addiction was brought up by Barr, Gus eventually fired back, implying Barr himself was allegedly hooked on Xanax during the time on his departure and that he himself was clean at the time:

Volumes Twitter War

Volumes guitarist Diego Farias also chipped in, backing up his brother and stating that he won a past fistfight:

Volumes Twitter War

Volumes Twitter War

Gus later added:

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