Lock Up

Lock Up Debut “Desolation Architect”, Detail New Album “Demonization”


Lock Up‘s new album “Demonization” is now set for an official March 10th release date overseas with a North American release date pending. Below you can hear a new track titled “Desolation Architect” from it via Decibel. The band’s Shane Embury (also of Napalm Death, etc.) said of the track:

“From conception to dissolution, what do we leave behind? Or what can we? If our lives could be compared to a canvas of artwork, how defined and inspirational will it be to our next of kin? Was it fulfilled and true? Can they learn from the mistakes we all make?”

The album find’s the band joined on vocals by Kevin Sharp (ex-Brutal Truth, etc.) and will run as follows:

Lock Up - Demonization

01 – “Blood And Emptiness
02 – “The Decay Within The Abyss
03 – “Locust
04 – “Demonization
05 – “Demons Raging
06 – “Desolation Architect
07 – “Instruments Of Armageddon
08 – “Sunk
09 – “The Plague That Stalks The Darkness
10 – “Foul From The Pure
11 – “Mind Fight
12 – “Void
13 – “Secret Parallel World
14 – “We Challenge Death

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