Ross Robinson

Ross Robinson On Working With Korn In 2009: “I Wanted Them So Badly To Be The Band That Did ‘Life Is Peachy'”


Producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn) is the guest on the latest episode of the ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me‘ podcast. On it he discusses his unconventional recording process and the lessons he learned along the way. You can hear the entire chat over at iTunes and Amid the conversation he discussed working with Korn once again in 2009 on their 2010 album, “Korn III: Remember Who You Are“. That effort united the band and Robinson for the first time since 1996’s “Life Is Peachy“. He said the experience was a lesson learned, saying of the process:

“I don’t want to force anybody to do anything that they think they shouldn’t do. And I’ve made that mistake on the later Korn record I worked on. I wanted them so badly to be the band that did “Life Is Peachy” and they’re not. They’re different people, they have families… Well I didn’t know of course at the time I was like ‘ahhhh…’ and everybody’s looking at me like I am a freak. It just doesn’t work, ’cause I’m not settled in my musical thing. I wanted people to be what I projected them to be, who they used to be. And they’re not those people. And it’s completely unfair for me to push for that old entity. I learned a lot on it, what not to do. It was definitely a learning curve on the up for me.”

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Korn themselves also talked about the process not too long ago, you can read their thoughts here. Also in the chat Robinson discusses working with Korn and Slipknot on some of their platinum selling seminal albums, saying that they never expected to wind up on the radio when they were making the records. He also touches on signing and recording The Cure and more.

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