Flaw Frontman Chris Volz Slams Motograter, Alleges Drug Problems, Etc. (Updated)


Update – December 22nd 01:26pm:

Motograter‘s drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson has now fired back at Volz, you can find his statement here.

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Original Story:

Though it’s unclear as to why he went public with his concerns, Flaw frontman Chris Volz has lashed out against Motograter. He called the band out via his Facebook in a somewhat cryptic post, in which he alleges the band have a drug problem, among other concerns. In the post he appears to reference a tour his band were originally announced for this coming February alongside (hed)p.e. and Motograter that they eventually decided to exit.

He also slams Motograter drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson‘s Zombie Shark Records label, among other things. His post can be read below:

“Let me start by saying, Zombie Shark Records is not a label, and Motogtrator is and has always been a want to be, but not capable of being Ivan from 5fdp, there is not a single member who is in that band who has ever been in a band with Ivan or 5fdp or any original member of the band, it is disgusting the way that it has been handled, 5fdp, would never endorse this crap, and won’t. This Hed pe run we almost did was stopped by drugs and an inability to deal with coke, meth, heroin, and pills…..I can no longer stand by and not speak my mind. No one will faulter me. The idiots will go away, or I will…. Enough said. BAM! (Except for Kael who has always been solid)”

It’s worth nothing that both Flaw and Motograter toured with Dope earlier in the year.