Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence Drummer Alex Lopex Says New Album is 70% Clean Vocals


Recent years have seen artists such as Lamb Of God and Whitechapel dip their toes into clean singing and it seems like Suicide Silence are ready for a proper dip with their new self-titled album. In a recent interview with Metalshop, drummer Alex Lopez commented:

“There’s clean vocals on seventy percent of the album and it’s not clean as in… when you listen to System Of A Down, he’s [Serj Tankian] screaming and talking and doing himself. When you listen to Marilyn Manson you’re listening to a person. It’s called ‘range,’ it’s called ‘dynamics,’ it’s called ‘fucking go for it’… it’s the first time he’s [vocalist Eddie Hermida] ever been confident enough to do it, but Eddie’s always been a singer… There’s a lot of singing in it, there’s a lot of screaming in it, there’s a lot of everything in it… there’s melody in it.”

Lopez further went on to say of the album:

“We sound the way we sound live, on our record. So we do soft shit, heavy shit, no matter what, it goes up and down. And that’s the best way, ’cause we sound like us, that’s what we are. We’re not trying to sound different, change our sound, if anything it’s just the same… It’s not like ‘oh they’re not going to be heavy anymore’…”

The band recorded the aforementioned album with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) and largely tracked it analog. The band are eyeing a February release date for it and confirmed that they have filmed a video for their new song track “Doris“, which they previously debuted live.

[via MetalSucks]

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