Metallica’s James Hetfield Says Kirk Hammett “Was Not Part Of The Writing” For New Album


Metallica vocalist/guitarist recently spoke about guitarist Kirk Hammett‘s limited involvement in the band’s latest album, “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct“. Previously Hammett had spoke out about losing an iPhone with 100’s of riff ideas on it which no doubt played a role in his lessened role. Talking with, Hetfield recently offered:

Kirk was not part of the writing. Kirk obviously came in and did the solos. But Lars and I… You know, Lars and I always have done this, but with contributions from other people on their riffs and things. Kirk‘s riffs weren’t there. I know he talks about him losing his phone and things like that with the riffs, but… No, he wasn’t involved in the process. And Robert was there. The intro to ‘ManUNkind‘ is Robert; that is him, and it’s beautiful. But it is Lars and I doing what we always do — put the songs together.”

Meanwhile, the band have shared a behind the scenes look at the filming for their “Now That We’re Dead” music video below. That shoot was directed by Herring & Herring with the finished video available here.