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Neil Fallon Reveals The Clutch Song He’d Like To Be Remembered For


Clutch frontman/guitarist Neil Fallon has shared a bunch of important songs in his life via There’s some cool reveals in the feature, including which Clutch song he is most proud of and which he finds the hardest to play. When asked which song he’d like to be remembered for, he offered:

“Oh boy, choosing my favorite song is like picking a favorite child! I’m pretty proud of ‘The Regulator‘. It was a kind of different thing for us and a bit risky doing almost a ballad with the fingerpicking thing. It was one of those songs that wrote itself very quickly and easily, and after all these years I still like it.”

When asked which song was the hardest to play live, he chose “Behold The Colossus” off of their latest effort, “Psychic Warfare“:

“It’s pretty hard. It’s a fast song that requires a pick and almost approaches solo speed, and I can’t do a guitar solo worth a damn. I’ve tried, and it’s not good. I’m much more adept at fingerpicking. I like guitar, but I also like taking it off, sometimes I feel a bit anchored by it.”

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