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Cypress Hill, Biohazard, Ex-Fear Factory & Downset., Etc. Members Form New Band


Former Fear Factory, etc. bassist Christian Olde Wolbers is the guest on the latest episode of ‘The Ex Man‘ podcast which is hosted by ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle, now of Vagus Nerve. During the conversation, Wolbers made mention of a new project he has in the works that is being spearheaded by Cypress Hill‘s Sen Dog:

“If there’s no Fear Factory reunion happening I’m definitely gonna be back on tour next year. I just finished a record with Sen Dog from Cypress Hill—he’s doing a metal band, it’s like hardcore, metal, hip-hop all infused, we just wrote fourteen songs or something. He’s gonna put it out, if he is able to establish some tours and some work… It’s called Powerflow, it’s Sen Dog, Rogelio [Lozano] from Downset., Billy [Graziadei] from Biohazard, myself and Fernando Schaefer, which is a drummer in Worst—a Brazilian band, amazing drummer. If there’s some tours… I mean Prophets Of Rage is going out next year, there’s been talk about Powerflow being the opening band and also Tim‘s [Commerford] band [Wakrat.]”

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He also hinted at possibly doing bass and vocals in an unnamed ‘hardcore band’ as well. Meanwhile, when asked if there was ever a chance of a proper Fear Factory reunion with him and drummer Raymond Hererra returning to the fold, he stated:

“I still feel like there might be a small chance, even though we have been… There’s been some communication but me and Raymond don’t really hold the cards, so they need to come to us and be like ‘alright let’s make this happen, let’s fix all this.'”

For more on his recovery from an accident, his history with guns and more, listen below:

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