Metallica & Their Fans Continue To Surprise With Charitable Generosity


Though it doesn’t always make the headlines, Metallica have done some impressive charitable work over the years and last night’s special set in Toronto, ON was just another example. The band played The Opera House in the city, which has a 950 person capacity. Fans who attended (be it via discounted fan club prices or limited public tickets) were asked by the band to bring non-perishable donations to the Daily Bread Food Bank to the show.

According to a report on the CBC, the band did however not give said food bank advance warning of their plans. This lead to some amusing side effects in the days leading up to the concert, among them was a fan calling the food bank offering $1,000 for two tickets to the show. Regardless of being inundated with calls, the food bank’s spokesperson Benita Aalto said she was “delighted” by the band’s generosity.

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On a side note, as they’ve done so at recent shows, the band again opened their set with a cover of Budgie‘s “Breadfan“, which was pretty fitting given the name of their latest charity of choice. Earlier this month the band, fans of the band also brought in a staggering nine tons of food and other items for charity at their November 01st performance in Bogota, Colombia.

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