Within The Ruins

Within The Ruins Detail New Album “Halfway Human”, Stream “Death Of The Rockstar”


Within The Ruins have debuted their new single, “Death Of The Rockstar“, of which guitarist Joe Cocchi stated:

“‘Death Of The Rockstar‘ stems from our distaste for the current state of the music industry. The song is straight forward and speaks for itself. We live in an era where mindlessness and fads now trump true art and creativity. The music industry is polluted. Please enjoy.”

It’s the first track to emerge from their new album, “Halfway Human“, which itself will receive a March 03rd release on eOne Music with Long Branch Records handling the European territory. Cocchi commented of the album, which he himself produced the majority of:

“The writing process was a bit different for this album. We took a step back and kind of reviewed some of our older material. Typically we’d rush and blast out a group of songs and then hit the studio. At the time it felt right. And It had a more organic feel. Now because of a combination of maturity and honestly just feeling sick of the same old formula, we really focused on creating something different sounding.”

Within The Ruins - Halfway Human

01 – “Shape-Shifter
02 – “Death Of The Rockstar
03 – “Beautiful Agony
04 – “Incomplete Harmony
05 – “Bittersweet
06 – “Objective Reality
07 – “Absolution
08 – “Ivory Tower
09 – “Sky Splitter
10 – “Ataxia IV
11 – “Treadstone

Pre-orders for the album are available now via this location with instant downloads of the below track available to those who pick up the album.

[via Revolver]