Whitechapel Guitarist Warns Fans Of Bootleg Merch On Facebook


The age old battle between artists and bootleggers continues with Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade among the latest to lash out. There’s been a spate of bootleg metal merch being advertising on Facebook lately via sponsored posts, usually with ‘fans’ affixed to the name of the band in question. Wade took to the band’s Facebook earlier today to share the following message:

“It has come to our attention that there is a company on Facebook advertising bootleg band Christmas sweaters and they are selling one with our logo on it. The band is not affiliated with this company in anyway and sees NO money from the sales. Not only does purchasing these items not help the bands in any way, it actually HURTS them.

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I’m not going to post a link in order to reduce the amount of attention to them but please if you see a sponsored post on Facebook for a Christmas sweater that does not come from here, DO NOT BUY IT and be sure to leave some comments telling them what you think of them ripping off your favorite bands. Thank you.