Superjoint's Phil Anselmo

Phil Anselmo Likens His Onstage Personality To That Of A Pro Wrestler


Phil Anselmo had a lengthy chat with, mainly discussing the newly released Superjoint album, “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application“. Interestingly enough, Anselmo stated that 98% of the record was written prior to his infamous ‘Dimebash‘ incident this past January in which he was widely criticized for using racist gestures and phrases onstage. When asked about what he’s learned and such from the incident, which he has repeatedly apologized for, he offered:

“First and foremost, I’ll take that one. I’ll own it. I did something extremely stupid that I know was absolutely stupid. If anyone in this world believes that I go through life judging anyone — no matter what color / size / shape / sexual preference — they are sadly, sadly mistaken.

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I might have gone and been successful in my life at what I do, but I still to this day don’t think that I could walk five minutes in someone else’s shoes. Just like I don’t think they could deal with the pressure I have on me as the person that I am and all the crap I deal with everyday, so it goes both ways, man.

I am no rustic fool, despite what I might get sometimes get into on a stage. That part of my personality is like pro wrestling or something. It’s part of me — I don’t know where that came from.

But “racist” is a very strong word. Truth be told, I have more love in me for everybody than I do [loathing]. If you don’t [believe me], look at my track record and you’ll see a lot of love there, I do believe. If you see the loathe part — well, maybe that’s my expression as an angry vocalist. Still, that doesn’t equate to someone that hates someone else for their fucking skin color. That is absurd.

I was raised in the French Quarter. My earliest memories are of living in the French Quarter, raised by women, with theater folk in and out of the house. If you’ve never been to the French Quarter, you would have to know that it is one of the most diverse, character-driven, all-walks-of-life type of place.

If I really and truly upset people that I work with, or that really took offense to what I did that particular night, that hurts my heart. I wish everybody nothing but everything they could ever possibly dream of to come true in their damn lives.

I want people to understand that I have nothing but love in my heart. The whole ‘Dimebash‘ thing was me being crude and lewd and showing an extension of a joke from backstage.

I made myself out to be the ugly face of it all. I did that. I accomplished it, and now I’m like, “Fuck, why?” Really, I should have just walked away from the situation. It is what it is, but hopefully the truth comes out in the wash, and I love everybody. I do. The sad truth of it all [is] I love everybody, almost to a fault.”

Anselmo also shares his thoughts on being sober, the U.S. presidential election, Stevie Wonder, Morrissey and more in the chat, you can read it over at

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