Soulfly's Max Cavalera

Ministry, Sepultura & Helmet Discuss Their 1992 Tour, Max Cavalera Threw Up On Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder


Decibel rounded up Ministry‘s Al Jourgensen, Helmet‘s Page Hamilton and former Sepultura vocalist Max Cavalera (now of Soulfly, etc.) to discuss the debauchery that ensued on their fall 1992 tour together. It’s full of amusing anecdotes, celebrity encounters and tales of excess. In it they recall the accident that saw Helmet drummer John Stainer break a few ribs while members of their road crew were left in a coma and more.

Jourgensen hints at a feud with Body Count and Max Cavalera shares a particular tale of puking on Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder. The tour took place around the height of Ministry‘s heroin usage, as Jourgensen recalls:

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“All the Helmet boys were absolutely sweethearts. But Sepultura would pretty much crash on our bus, drink all our fucking liquor and tell us how much we sucked each night. But it was the perfect symbiotic relationship.

They’d get drunk and insult us and we didn’t care. we weren’t drinking liquor because we were all heroin addicts. At one point either Max or Igor had Paul Barker [Minisitry bassist] around the throat, and I’d just done a shot of heroin and walked out of the bathroom and I was like, ‘Whoa, this is getting weird.'”

Cavalera on his own excess:

“In Seattle there were the Soundgarden guys and Pearl Jam. And I got out of control. It was one of those things where I was drinking right after our set and went to the Ministry bus and kept chugging rum and one more chug of the rum and it all came back up. Eddie Vedder was sitting next to me and I unleashed all over his legs.

He was surprisingly very friendly about it. My sister was a really big fan so right after I puked on him I asked for an autograph. But then I kept on getting crazier and crazier and Al had finally had enough of me. And when Al has enough of you, it’s bad. He gave me three Valium and ordered me to take them and chill out.

But I still had the rum. And the tour manager tried to take it from. He used to be in Echo and the Bunnymen. And he went to take the bottle from me and I broke it on his head. Blood was everywhere.

I ended up passing out on their bus and when I finally woke up and walked to the front of the bus, the Echo and the Bunnymen guy with a big bandage on his head walked up. I asked him what happened. And he said, “You happened to me.” It was definitely one of top crazy nights I ever had.”

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