Korn's Brian "Head" Welch

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Reflects On Past Drug Addiction, Bandmates Being Mean Drunks


Though originally published back in 2015, an article that appeared in Metal Hammer of Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch discussing his and his bandmates past struggles with drug and alcohol abuse has been granted a second life after having recently been posted online at Teamrock. You’ve likely already read about the lengths Welch would go to get his fix while touring with Korn back during his past drug addiction, making little of this surprising. Here’s some excerpts from the aforementioned piece:

On his drug of choice:

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“Definitely methamphetamine. It was a love/hate type of thing because the beginning high was just through the roof, but then it ruined everything in my life; it ruined my mind, my emotions, my relationships, my sanity. But I liked the idea of resisting sleep and fighting the stuff that we need, like food! Ha ha ha!”

On his first high:

“Yeah, I was about 20 years old and I was hanging out with this girl who was just beautiful. We were at a party and they brought out this biker crank – it was, like, red or pinkish – and she did it. I wanted to impress her, so I did it too. After I snorted it, I stood up and I felt like my head had stretched into a cone… like it was twirling around my head, this weird, tingly sensation. Then I had the worst night ever! I thought I’d go to bed at like five or something and I got up the next day on no sleep and I tried to just be normal but the roof of my mouth was raw and I couldn’t chew because it hurt. It was a horrible experience! I don’t know why I kept doing it a few months later.”

On if things ever got physical during the height of the band’s past overindulgences with substance abuse:

“Just with Jonathan Davis. Jonathan was drinking at the time and that’s when it would happen – when he was drinking. When he’d drink Jäger, he would be on the prowl for us. He would be looking for us and we would be hiding in our bunks. He punched Munky in the face one time, and he’s not even a fighter! He’s a sweet guy but he was a drunk, so when he was drinking, he was just a different person. Then Munky used to charge certain people. He never did it to me. When he would get blackout drunk, I’d just stay away from him because he didn’t know who he was or what he was doing and he had zero memory the next day.”

You can read more over at Teamrock.