The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan Have A Surplus Of Extra Songs From The “Dissociation” Sessions


The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato and guitarist Ben Weinman are the subject of a lengthy feature over at Independent in which they elaborate on their reasons to call it quits, the inspirations behind their impending farewell album “Dissociation” and the revelation that there is more material recorded from the sessions for it. Speaking on why they want to put the band to rest now, Weinman explained:

“The truth is, as you grow older, you’re able to produce material even more honestly because you’re looking introspectively more. It’s much less, ‘You did this to me’ and more ‘I did this to me!’ That’s the difference between being an adult and a kid; it’s taking responsibility for your own actions. We’re growing and realizing that we don’t want to be a parody of what we’re supposed to be as a heavy band or extreme band; that’s really important to us and that’s one of the reasons why we feel like this is a good time to close the book. This is where we’ve been trying to get our whole lives, this is the point you strive to get to when you start being an artist.”

He later continued:

“It’s about going out under our terms. I wasn’t sure that I could continue to produce material knowing that there was no definitive idea or goal. I didn’t want this to become something that we do just to pay our bills; that sounded really depressing to me. It’s not realistic to continue to be in a compromising lifestyle which is unhealthy, but most art isn’t any good if you’re not challenged, so what are we going to do, try and create a scenario that’s comfortable?

That’s not going to work for the art that we should be creating in this band. The only logical thing would be to intentionally put an end to Dillinger but not when people don’t care or when you can’t make good music anymore or once an album’s finished and you’ve become sick of each other. Going in to an album that we feel really proud of and doing an entire touring cycle knowing that this would be the end was scary but it sounded so much more exciting and meaningful than anything we had done over the past 20 years; how can you not follow that instinct once you realize that?”

A very interesting tidbit near the end of the feature does shed hope for more music from the band in the months to come, it reads:

“…There is one more enticing piece of information that may ease the sting in the tail for those despondent over the band’s hiatus. For the first time, Dillinger wrote and recorded far more material than has ended up on the record and Weinman is adamant that these songs will see the light of day at some point. Plans to release all the material as a double album were scrapped early on in the interests of making a cohesive album rather than simply throwing everything the band had available in to the mix.”

You can find more from Weinman and Puciato at Independent. “Dissociation” will arrive in stores tomorrow, October 14th. The band are currently touring the U.S. with O’Brother, Cult Leader and more.

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