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Jimmy Bower On Phil Anselmo: “He Did Something Wrong And He Apologized For It”


Phil Anselmo‘s Down/Superjoint bandmate Jimmy Bower was recently asked to share his thoughts on Anselmo‘s now infamous incident this past January at the ‘Dimebash‘ event in which he yelled ‘white power’ from the stage and gave Nazi salutes. Anselmo faced widespread public condemnation for his actions and repeatedly apologized in the weeks to come. Speaking of his initial reaction to what Anselmo had done, Bower told

“When it happened, knowing Phil and our extremely dark sense of humor, I blew it off as him being stupid. Then Robb Flynn put the video up saying how his feelings were hurt, and the people things were starting to say made me understand that what he said was not cool and not funny, even in a joking sense, and it did hurt people’s feelings. It was really weird because it honestly wasn’t a big deal to me, just because I know how Phil is.

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Dude, we joke about stupid shit. The bullshit that we come up with and talk about among friends … I guess the lesson learned is that you can’t do that around other people. I mean, we were friends with [Anal Cunt’s] Seth Putnam. He was a freak, dude, as far as his sense of humor. He liked to fuck with people. But behind the scenes he was the biggest sweetheart who would give you the shirt off his back. So, I just wish people could take things with a grain of salt nowadays instead of everyone being so serious.”

When asked of his opinion on the backlash Anselmo received in the wake of it:

“People hit Phil pretty hard over it, but knowing him as he really is, part of me thought it was unfair. Part of me wanted to try to explain to people that Phil’s not like this. You can’t be racist if you’re from New Orleans. There’s so many different cultures here; you just can’t do it. And you’re raised to understand that. I think [the Dimebash incident] was getting linked to other times in his life, when he was younger, and it was just really unfortunate. I think he did the right thing by apologizing sincerely.”

Down have since performed together, as has Anselmo with Eyehategod. Bower was asked if he had any backlash about returning to the stage with Down this past summer at the ‘Psycho Las Vegas‘ event:

“Not at all. Like I said, Phil did something wrong and he apologized for it, but he got dragged through the wringer a lot more than your average person would’ve. That being said, people still love Phil for his talents. It’s just really weird, dude. Back to that humor thing — you can’t write anything sarcastic on social media without getting attacked. Either the world is really changing or we’re getting really old. To me, we’re just a bunch old dudes sitting around making stupid jokes. It kinda comes with old age, like gray hair.”

For more from Bower on Anselmo and the upcoming Superjoint album, “Caught In The Gears Of Application” (out November 11th) head to

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