Soundgarden Working On “Ultramega OK” Reissue & 25th Anniversary “Badmotorfinger” Box Set


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil recently chatted with Full Metal Jackie and had much to say of the band’s upcoming reissue plans, with include a re-mixed/remastered version of “Ultramega OK” and a 25th anniversary box set of “Badmotorfinger“—the latter of which is tentatively set for a November 18th release. He commented (via Loudwire):

“There are definitely other catalog projects that I’ve been overseeing over the past year and one of them is the record I referred to, earlier from the SST label which is out of Long Beach. That record, ‘Ultramega OK‘, we’ve remastered and [it’s being] remixed here in Seattle … and we’re hoping to put that out early next year. We’ve moved the labels, we’re putting that out on Sup Pop. All the paperwork is in order. We have something slated for Black Friday and I think the most exciting thing in the next few months is we’re hoping, we plan to, the street date of November 18th with the 25th anniversary boxed for ‘Badmotorfinger‘.”

As for the band’s next album, he shared:

“We’re planning that out as well. Right now there are some other projects that are taking up band members time. Matt’s got some Pearl Jam touring and projects. Chris and Matt together are working on this Temple Of The Dog thing. Over the past year we’ve had a number of songwriting and jam sessions, Soundgarden, getting together to simply exchange ideas and document and record them. So we’ve had some rough demos of a dozen or so songs. We’ll continue to do this as everyone’s schedules open up. Hopefully next year we’ll find ourselves in the studio fleshing out these ideas.”

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